• Access to EES E-Services is granted only to members of the school community exclusively to conduct work pertaining to the school only with the understanding that access is privilege and carries with it certain responsibilities.
  • EES encourages teachers and students to use this facility for the purpose of promoting TEACHING and LEARNING .
  • It is mandate for all staff and students to abide by the Technology Policies to avoid Suspension of services
  • Users Cannot use School Internet facilities for personal content access. Technology and WIFI facility is strictly to be used only for EDUCATIONAL  and RESEARCH purpose that relates to curriculum
  • Users are strictly prohibited from accessing Movie Net works, Chats or discussion rooms, Social blogs, Play games or Download games, or download any software not related without permission from teacher in charge.
  • Users are prohibited to intentionally interfere with net working performance of the school
  • Users are strictly prohibited from Clicking pictures using their devices in class, corridors, assemblies , washrooms, buses Unless instructed  by teacher . ***Haashtagging without permission is strictly not allowed .Failure to abide by this would lead to Fines and Immediate  suspension  of facility
  • Users are strictly prohibited on use of IPAD, Tab , Laptops inside the school bus.
  • THE BYOD policy strictly allows ONLY IPAD, TAB , or laptops as an option.
  • Users are exclusively responsible for the safety and security of their Device. School does not bear any responsibility for lost, or damage to the devise.
  • BYOD policy is only applicable from Gr 5 on wards. It can only be initiated on allowance by the class teacher from Gr 5 to 7.
  • Users must abide by the class room policies specific to their class for use of BYOD and school WIFI for Research purpose.
  • User who misuse or damage School technology are responsible to bear the financial liability incurred to repair damage.


NON-COMPLIANCE with EES technology use policy constitutes misuse and could result in loss of access to all or some of the EES technology resources , Financial liabilities for any damages incurred or other disciplinary action .