Mission : 

We believe that education is the all important requisite to shape and mould the future of our next generation. We aim to be the base from which the child will continue to soar and flourish Qualitative and life enhancing is the focus of elite education. Carrying forward the three – pronged strategy of child + school + after school, we hope to surge forward and reach the pinnacle of institutional and educational glory. Our students and teachers are our mainstays, aiming to contribute towards the prosperity and progress of the society we are continuing in our education Endeavour and will continue the journey in times to come.
We believe that:-
1) Diverse population is an asset to community
2) Learning is a life-long experience
3) Enhanced learning can be acquired by integrating IT
4) Each child is a gifted individual
5) Learning is productive when learner is actively engaged
6) Varied and creative teaching methods
7) Excellence in education validates the commitments of time , effort and resources
8) Home , school and community is the three branched tree for academic excellence and personality development
9) Relevant, cohesive and articulated curricular and co- curricular activities inspire passion for learning.

Vision :

1) To equip every elitian to become valued assets for the society
2) To impart all round education through academics and co- extra curricular activities.
3) To help our students build a worthy personality.
4) To enable elitians to explore their creative pursuits.
5) To help students realize their dreams.