• How it all started [ my story / my experience]

ANS;  An online educational platform used for learning for an instance the full form of the term E-learning  is electronic learning  . I am here to explain my concept of E- learning. First I would like to state I don’t like E-learning that much but again its my opinion . Ofcourse, there might be hundreds and thousands  of kids out there who like it

Let me first tell you how this all started. You see till grade of 7  everything was going perfect I mean I as a child didnt experience any form of  qurantine  so this was my first ever experience plus I had only heard about dieseases like Sars , Mers , Spanish flu, Influenza and  Plague in videos or books but had’nt known what was it like . I always considered myself lucky because I am in a place which is not home to any of those  deficiencies, virus or dieseases  but when Covid arrived things changed and it was serious .Much much more serious  and hence the end of the academic year of grade 7 was not that plesant . Suddenly people were told to sit and soon enough it  made its way to   UAE  and it was much much more faster and before I knew it people had masks on their faces ,but little did I know that this virus would also make its  way into our beloved schools ,the masjids and everywere soon. Before our final exams the school closed and we did not even get a chance to bid a proper farewell to my dear freinds ……..

  • the E-learning

Then it all changed  we had to sit at our homes with nothing to do for over a month. remembering time of i had to pray to God each day to see my freinds  .E- learning  began and once again i could see my freinds again  but there was still a big catch this time it was that we had to stare in to the screen like from the morning 8 am till afternoon 2pm so that was a major problem  and after a number of classes my eyes started to hurt so much  and my father decided to get a test  done and this resulted in me wearing glasses .  The doctor suggested some eye exercises that i am supposed to do to reduce the strain on my eyes.

[c]Advantages and disvantages

1; Advantages

A main advantage of e- learning is that it can be done from anywhere of the world with the presence of the essentials wifi and a device

The doubt of the specific students can be answered anytime of the day compared to school learning in which it an only be asked in school

The lessons can be delivered much more quicker compared to school since each chapter might take 3-5 classes over here it just takes around 2-3 clases

  1. Disadvantages

The students during the class might be able to do some other activities like play a game watch a youtube video . So lack of self discipline is a big problem

For grade 1 it might take a long time for them to adapt since it is a first experience for them

Technical problems is a big issue some of the people might face .

[d] How my school is doing

According to me my school is perfect they are providing me with the right amount of knowledge I need.  There are my dear friends whom I want to see after this pandemic and my teachers who are doing whatever they can to educate us and they are putting their all into this  and the person who stands out most is Reshmy ma’am who comes to our class once in a week to ensure we are ok with this learning and how we are feeling. God please end this pandemic .I want to go to school !!!

Mizhab Shaji

Grade 8

The Elite English School