Admission Policy


Admission Policy 


The admission arrangements for The Elite English School are in accordance with national legislation. Thus, all applications will be considered in line with current guidance and no child will be discriminated against or treated unfairly. 

Equality and Inclusion

The Elite English School promotes inclusion and believes that all children ought to take a full and active part in school life. The school is committed to preventing discrimination, promoting equal opportunities and will continue to use best endeavors to ensure that pupils with SEND get the support they require.


During the pre-admission interview the Principal is assisted by the Counselor and the SENCO to assess the child by observing and checking the verbal and non-verbal behavior of the child.

If the child displays signs suggesting a deviation from the normal for a child of the same age, these are discussed in detail with the parent. The parent is asked whether any testing has been done, and if so, they need to share the results so that the school can plan for the child’s education accordingly.

Any child that is identified as SEND during the pre-admission stage will not be discriminated against and will be given first preference for admission to the school, provided there is a vacancy.

Post-admission, the child will be provided the necessary interventional support as per the school’s SEND policy.