Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) use Policy

1.Students of gr 9 to 12 are allowed only Laptops. This is allowed at the invitation of their teacher.

2.Students of gr 4 to 8 are allowed only Tablets. This  is allowed at the invitation of their teacher.

3.Phone is any form is not considered as BOYD device for students.

4.A student has the right only to use his/her device in school as directed by teacher in class. If device is misused in any way, a teacher has the right to confiscate it.

5.All students are fully responsible for the safety of their device.

6.Student must ensure the LAPTOP, and a tablet has screen size of between 7 inches to 18 inches.

7.Students will still uses the devices provided in School irrespective of the BYOD policy.

8.The device must be internet capable and have the ability to read, create and edit common documents such as word, ppt, pdfs,e-books etc

9.We recommended the device to be equipped with a full operating system such as windows 7,8,10 or Mac OS for a wide range of applications. The students are responsible to update the configurations   to ensure use in class especially for senior students.

10.The School has set up for BOYD with a sitewide wireless, improved internet access speeds and a comprehensive firewall system to monitor and filter usage.

11.Students are fully responsible of their device- from naming them to handling it carefully and storing it when not in use.

  • Students must ensure to have a password and a username for their device
  • Carry the device in a protective bag
  • Use a good screen protector to protect the screen and Device
  • Avoid storing at the bottom of the bag
  • Never lift device by the screen and mishandle by throwing them around