I don’t remember the day when I choose to be a teacher.  It may have been with me like a dream or one’s shadow that follows you wherever you go…… Grateful to all my teachers who sowed the seeds of such a beautiful profession knowingly or unknowingly…

One day they defined education as the ‘all-round development of body, mind and spirit.’   I met  the father of our nation ‘MAHATMA GANDHI’ smiling behind the curtain.  Someone else says ‘Education is character formation than career  orientation.   It moulds one’s personality….THE DESTINY OF A NATION IS SHAPED IN HER CLASSROOMS.  I strongly  believe that all these are true.

The day we graduate from our schools is the day we step on to the next chapter of life, our higher education. A phase which gives some of the most memorable memories and lessons for our lives, graduation is very important for any person. But, think about this. What if you never had to run to the college, attend a boring lecture, or dose off at the last seats, or never attend classes in a classroom. Weird it sounds, right? It seems as we do not go to college, the college is going to come for us. It may make you laugh for a while, but such kind of education pattern is making wide popularity these days. And with the internet being available in our daily lives at every step, it is surely easier to study this way. Online learning is an option chosen by many students nowadays.

So what happened to the traditional way of teaching? The one where you have a board in front of you, the teacher explaining all the things and the students listening to him and discussing their ideas? Has it vanished?

No way!

The modern world of education sees a tough competition between the two styles of teaching: Traditional and online learning. What is better? People often wonder. Whether to go to college and be regular or to arrange classes virtually which suit your time schedule.

So, what are the lesser known things that we should consider about our style of education? Read on and using these tips, you can decide the right one for you or your close ones.

3 Reasons For Choosing A Traditional Classroom Learning  

  1. Traditional Classroom Learning Offers An Extra Appeal To The Senses.

Yes, this is a benefit where a F2F traditional classroom scores over the experience of online teaching. You listen to your teacher, discuss your doubts with them, write down the notes and tasks for the day, and solve problems you face during the class itself. Such a face-to-face experience cannot be achieved in online learning.

  1. The Traditional Classroom Learning Can Give The Hands-On Practice Experience.

The hands-on experience and the practice that certain fields require, such as automobile engineering, nursing, mechanical engineering etc cannot work out well through an online course. Thus, it is a drawback of the online courses that they cannot provide the students with hands-on practical experience.  And if at any point, you face a doubt or go wrong, the teacher is there to take care of that. How easy it becomes then!

It’s not possible to set up everything at home. On attending the classroom at your college, you will have access to all the facilities which are provided by the institution itself. You need not run here and there worrying about them, as you can get them easily just a few footsteps away.

However, this is soon being supplemented with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences in many programs that require hands-on approach.

  1. Recognition Is Better Through The Traditional Way.

These points stated the things that are provided by the traditional classroom learning. It may seem painful to wake up early every day, go to the college at sit and struggle with the lectures there, but it is very important too. The harder you work, the better you achieve.

Yet, the online courses are still quite popular among the people nowadays. Students engage themselves to learn online a course of their choice and take classes at home. The education is merely a few clicks away for them. Surely, the online learning does have some benefits too. Which is why is it gaining interest of many people.