Core Team


“Good governance with good intentions is the hallmark of our government. Implementation with integrity is our core passion.”  Narendra Modi
The Elite Believes in versatile management and governance and so we take pride in our accomplished and competent governing body.

Principal’s Message


Dear Parents And Students,

Hello and Welcome to another event full academic year

I am sure you have understood a fair portion of the activities ,programs and culture practiced in our school through our website. My team and I are here to welcome your wards to  a holistic educational experience. Our vision to provide an environment that   encompasses over all development and progress in all our students  . we ensure to ground our teaching techniques and values to all our varied learners. Our mission to produce Global citizens ,embedded with skills that help them stand out  in a crowd. I believe  that charity, sensitivity , understanding ,leadership and intellect needs to be the focal points of development in an individual and ensure these overall skill developments are reflected in to all our students.

We encourage our parents to be a part of this  positive experience by being an active member  in your child’s educational years and giving  us your valued suggestions.

Your Partner in Education,

Mrs. Mathew


Teaching staff

Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extra ordinary things…..

Our team of trained and talented professionals is there to give wings to your children’s future.  Being masters in their cherished profession, each of them is trained and prepared continually to face the rapid developments that happen in the educational scenario. Making the learning experience delightful and fruitful is at the root of our staff selection process.

Non Teaching staff (Admin staff)

It is our privilege that we have an enthusiastic and committed administrative body that makes sure that the school works smoothly and in a truly professional manner. They help in creating an environment that is fit for effective teaching and learning. They are ever willing to assist anyone who walks into our institution and helps in managing different situations that can arise.

Support Staff

We have a competent team of support staff, always agile and caring. They help in enhancing the learning environment with their willingness to help and their positive approach. They are there to support the teachers and students and makes sure that the school offers a hassle free ambiance .

Parent Testimonials

“Feedback is the breakfast of the Champions”

Dear parents,

You have been our constant source of inspiration and we value it as much as we value our institution. Feel free to send us your testimonials and feedback to [email protected]

Student Alumni association