Decisive Years(Gr 11-12)

Senior Secondary School (Grades 11-12)
Centre of Learning

Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, , and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Dubai, UAE, THE ELITE ENGLISH SCHOOL adheres to a strict regimen of educational and extra curricular activities that inspire the highest levels of academic excellence among students.
With a teacher-student ratio of 1:26 for Pre-Primary, Primary and the Middle Section and 1:26 for Secondary and Senior Secondary classes, personal attention is guaranteed for each student. This helps in building an excellent rapport between the educators and the ones being educated.
Senior Secondary School (Grades 11-12)
Transition to a Higher Level of Education
Though these are more intensive years, formative and impressionable, leading to the All India Senior School Certificate Examinations, The school ensures guiding, all its students to the right career. Numerous seminars and workshops help the students to choose the right path.
Designed to help students acquire competence in English so that they can use the language: as a means for self-expression in real life situations and as a resource for studying vocational courses in many different fields such as medicine and engineering. Objectives: To acquire reading and writing skills including summarizing, abstracting, note making; the art of learning to learn, that is, the ability to cope with English for further education.
Objectives: Creative work in mathematics; to create confidence in equipping themselves with the skills needed for the branches of science (physical or social) or humanities in which they have an aptitude for higher studies.
Strategy: Focussing attention on ‘problem solving’ in the liberal sense. Nurturing the higher order mental processes of logical reasoning with stress on rigour and precision, development of concepts, language etc. Introducing non-traditional techniques inclusive of audio-visual aids, viz. films, video-films, computer-aided instruction etc. to supplement classroom teaching.
Objectives: To develop competence to pursue science based professional courses like engineering and medicine Gain knowledge, understanding and application abilities about different aspects of Physics. Strengthen foundation for further study of Physics. Develop an interest in study of Physics as a discipline. Acquire necessary manipulative and experimental skills.
Objectives: To strengthen the concepts developed at the secondary level and develop new concepts to provide a sound background for higher studies in chemistry. Develop competence in students to pursue science based professional courses like engineering and medicine in future career. To provide relevant content materials useful for vocational courses. To develop manipulative and experimental skills in students necessary for investigation of the materials in their environment.
Objectives: To explain basic concepts of Biology. To enlighten an individual about his place in universe. Increase the awareness of problems of the environment and identify measures to overcome them, To understand Biology for rational living – removal of biases (sex, race, etc.) and creativeness to superstition. To create awareness in which new knowledge is emerging to provide the innate excitement of the subject. To acquaint the student with fundamentals of human Biology, nutrition, health and population control.
Objectives: To help understand the existing economic institutions in India in their historical perspective. To understand the structure of Indian economy and the changes it is undergoing.To acquaint with principles, laws and concepts of economics. To understand the concept of national income and methods used in calculating national income. To appreciate efforts for economic reconstruction.
Business Studies
Objectives: To develop in the student an interest in the theory and practice in business, trade and industry. To acquaint students with the theoretical foundations and practice of organizing, managing and handling routine operations of a business firm.To inculcate attitudes and values leading to the integration of business with the social system with a positive approach.
Objectives: To impart knowledge of method considered useful in maintaining records of proprietary and partnership firms, companies and non-trading organization. To generate and promote awareness of students in modern techniques of maintaining accounting records with the help of computers.
Home Science
Objectives: To acquaint students with the basics of human development which are necessary for understanding self and children. To realize that resources are scarce and need proper and efficient management. To enable them to become alert consumers and inculcate in them healthy habits of food through a knowledge of nutrition. Good knowledge of textiles for right selection and proper care of clothes.