E- Learning is not a new technology. There were various courses offering teaching only through E- learning. But we have never thought that the entire student community in the World would be sitting in front of computers to learn. This is not a choice given to us but the only way out to study during this time of Pandemic.

E- Learning is considered as the future of education. Initially teachers, students and parents would be facing some bottlenecks but in course of time it can be easily surpassed.

E- Learning ensures the utilization of technology as much as possible to engage and interact with students. The benefits of E- Learning are that students can get clearer classes from teachers. Classes can be recorded, which enables the students to go through the same many more times, which would mean more efficiency in learning.

Another benefit is the active participation of kids in online quizzes etc. E- Learning will lead to better attendance also.

Parents have a direct access to the classes which enables them to monitor the ward’s daily performance and monitor improvement.

E- Learning will boost the student’s confidence as they get to interact with teachers from the atmosphere of their own house.

The few disadvantages of E –Learning will be that students don’t get to interact with their friends. This will affect the quality of their social life. Another drawback is that teachers may not be able to control how the students interact.

But despite all these E- Learning has emerged as a powerful educational tool or rather the only option now.