Going Online by Leah Rachel

“Can I answer that miss?” is one of the thousand phrases that I have in my head
from attending the online classes. E-learning I would say for me seems really
fascinating. Each day is like reading a new chapter in a good book. With games,
interactive sessions and fun videos, I’ve been amazed at how our learning
experience has been infact even better than normal classes. I think continuing our
learning experience via online platforms during this unprecedented time has been a
bold and consecutively, a successful change for us. However, no matter the
advancements, I must admit, it still cannot replace the fun of the little mischiefs we
all do as one team when in school, the little joys of daily bus rides, standing
outside the classroom and the coolness and smell of the morning air while waiting
for the bus. Well wherever we are right now, it is all for a better tomorrow and for
our fellow beings.
To activities on the online platforms- it’s been fun to see my classmates involving
on the sessions with no difference from their in-person personalities. There’s a
catch here- our teachers and administrators have the meeting controls in hand
which technically means any of us can be prompted to respond without a book or a
friend as a shield (this applies to introverts like me). Well this I think is a con of
online classes
Overall, E-learning has been an exciting experience with new stories and
adventures. Each day begins with a lovely hello and a sad goodbye but an exciting
one that instills hope of an even better day tomorrow.