Journey through 2019

Dear Parents

We have reached the end of calendar year 2019. At this juncture let us take you through the activities and achievements, which became ours due to the dedication and hard work of our teachers and students. It was an eventful term and my heart is filled with joy and pride to see the outstanding work and achievements of my teachers and students. Words fail me even as I pen down the list.

CHARITY DRIVES : These are especially undertaken to fine tune the sensibilities of our students

  • Support the Labourers
  • Amber Alert Drive towards flood relief in India
  • Campaign for hair donation (Sharjah Cancer Society)

HEALTH AND FITNESS : As envisioned by the Rulers, a special emphasis is laid on the health and fitness aspect through various initiatives.

  • Pink Week
  • Fitness with Yoga
  • 30 X 30 initiative

IDEAS AND DESIGNS :  In recognition of the millions of ideas waiting to come to fruition

  • Creative Day
  • Art Exhibition at Dubai Design District
  • Food and Art festival
  • One day orientation at the Institute of Fashion design

CELEBRATING INCLUSION : As part of Year of Tolerance we seek to make this sensibility an inherent aspect of our students’ personality

  • Sporting activity in the Annual Sports Day
  • Inter school Inclusion Carnival

STUDENT COUNCIL INITIATIVE: To bring to fore the inherent leadership abilities, debating skills, skills of collaboration, respect for the third party opinions and instilling confidence in the self

  • MUN – Wollongong University
  • Organizing 1st Edition of in – school MUN


  • Sports week
  • Inter school Basketball tournament (Cluster level)
  • Science exhibition

READING PROGRAM : Enhance, fine tune and extend the inferential, selection, extraction and skimming skills that form an inherent part of the reading process

  • Reading Continuum
  • Reading Recovery program
  • Refurbishing the school library
  • Color banding of books


  • Elite Entrepreneur Day – Home Science Department
  • In-school sale of non-cooked food preparations
  • Green Initiative
  • Aqua ponic
  • Green House
  • Compost pit
  • Vertical Garden
  • Measuring and redesigning the school library (Student Initiative)
  • Cancer detection suit nomenclatures RECNAC
  • Installing more solar panels enabling more charging points
  • Making Hand Soap and sanitizer

Apart from these we have many activities lined up for our students. This has been possible due to the confidence that you have reposed in the Senior management Team. We look forward to collaborating with you for the benefit of the students, our major stakeholders in the learning process.


Vatsala Mathai