KINDERGARTEN –Lets play and grow!!

How the learning environment should be for a kindergartner??    Let’s rethink!

A kindergarten classroom acts as the third teacher / facilitator to the child. It should be a safe haven that provides opportunity for children to bring their thoughts in to action. At EES we provide an experience that foster further learning and engagement.

Our Hi 5 of a proactive learning environment are :-

  1. Safe & Homely
  2. Ignite minds
  3. Discover & Explore
  4. Encourage Communication
  5. Collaboration & inquiry

“We need to think about creating classroom environments that give children the opportunity for wonder, mystery and discovery; an environment that speaks to young children’s inherent curiosity and innate yearning for exploration is a classroom where children are passionate about learning …

(Heard & McDonough, 2009)