This year has been a tumultuous one, with the CoViD-19 crisis affecting normal life around the world. As a student, going to school is one of the most significant parts of my life. The spread of this disease and the subsequent actions taken to protect residents has resulted in students staying at home when they are supposed to be in classrooms. Yet measures have been taken to guarantee that we are not falling behind in our education. Attending school through a computer screen while at home has been quite a change to adapt to, and while the transition was somewhat rough, overall it has been a remarkably smooth experience.

My school has provided a robust structure for e-classes, ensuring that my classes are smooth and effective. We can communicate with our teachers and peers in real-time.  We also have frequent assessments and activities to verify our understanding. My teachers also allot assignments to ensure that learning continues away from the screen. They further make sure we complete our tasks on time. My teachers also provide a virtual laboratory to conduct experiments.  My school organizes various contests and programmes that encourage us to showcase our skills, for which we have maximum participation from the students. My teachers also pay particular attention to every student’s wellbeing and are available at all times if we require to talk to someone. My school provides regular doubt sessions with individual teachers to speak with them concerning any challenges with a subject. Their efforts have been instrumental in securing the best possible learning experience for the students in my school.