My journey of e-learning By Ameiya Wankhede

In today’s society, all academic institutions have turned toward e learning to continue providing education to all students. E-learning, in simple words, is the learning delivered online through any digital device. This form of learning began in our school when there was the outbreak of COVID -19. At first, it all seemed new and strange to me. The very thought of sitting at home and attending classes online made me wonder if it would be as effective as classroom learning. But as with everything in life, we learn to make adjustments. The online classes in my school are really interesting and interactive, the teachers put in their maximum efforts to make the classes informative and beneficial. It is easy to understand all the concepts being taught. We also learn through various online resources such as videos, activities quizzes, etc. In short, my online classes are going great and it has also helped me gain more knowledge and experience in newer technologies.

Now, I love the fact that I get to learn from the comfort of my home, but I would still prefer being in a classroom. E-learning cannot replace the atmosphere of an actual classroom, however amazing it may be. I feel that in the classes at school, we can focus much better than online classes. Group assignments are much harder to do online, because it is difficult and more time consuming to coordinate with all my friends. Even activities like Physical Education are more enjoyable and fun in school as compared to online classes. Humans are social beings and we need to meet and interact often in order to feel a sense of belonging. So what better way than going to school, meeting friends, classmates and teachers alike and also fulfilling our need for education? E-learning can be a part of our education but it can never replace actual classroom learning!