Planning and Implementation in E-Learning by Manoj Mathew

‘The only constant in life is change’, said Heraclitus more than a than two thousand years ago and we know for a fact that is holds true at all times. Speaking of change, there is change that is forced upon leaving very little time to adapt and change that happens over period of time as a natural process, which is easier to get along with. We are at the face of a phenomenon that has made all of us change, with no notice or warning whatsoever, and the marvel of human kind is that we are game for anything.

The current day scenario has brought about a drastic change in the education system. E learning has confronted us even before we are fully ready to accept it whole heartedly. The challenges of E-learning have been embraced by the educational fraternity with mixed reactions, as one may expect. However the transition is never easy, it is something that calls for a lot of planning and efforts in implementing it successfully. The planning calls for various things like the platform for education, the content for delivery, the mode and pace of delivery and measures to grapple with the absence of lively interaction with the students in real life classrooms. The planning has to take into account not only the academics but a lot more about the well-being of the students we are dealing with. Away from the friends and buzzy playgrounds must be trying times for our children. Keeping their interest alive in learning and making them engage in it as they would do in a regular classroom is the key in the success of e-learning.  Planning needs to take into account the change that teachers needs to make to adapt to the situations, many of them are not tech-savvy and apprehensive of the ability of technology to aid them in their call to impart education. Preparing them adequately is quintessential to the success of e-learning.

‘Trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifle’ said Michelangelo. Being best at e-learning is definitely comprised of timely steps, and we know perfection is still afar, but definitely not very far. It’s only a matter of time that we make a successful shift to e-learning.