Ramadan Timing for Online and Blended Students

CIR/EES/APR/2029-21                                                      11th  April 2021

“Ramadan Timing for Online & Blended Students”

Dear Parent,

The Holy Month of Ramadan will begin from 13th  April  2021 (please refer to media for confirmation). This is the month which teaches us the importance of leading a virtuous life. It also teaches us to look after others and not to be self -centered. The importance of disciplining ourselves mentally as well as physically is highlighted during this Holy month. Today’s generation also needs to learn the importance of sharing. Now is the time to inculcate the noble qualities of discipline, hard work and charity in our children. The fast pace of life and the race for materialistic possessions leaves us with precious little time to devote towards the imbibing of these desirable qualities. These qualities are the fulcrum around which human life revolves. Our children need to learn about them as well as imbibe them. The Holy Month of Ramadan is the apt time to introduce our young ones to these noble virtues and the school is the right place for it. But we need your support in this noble endeavour. Please counsel your child as and when required about the importance of leading a disciplined life and putting in sincere hard work in their studies. The virtue of charity can be taught to them by example. Let us take this opportunity and put in our best for the betterment of our children.

For smooth conduct of the school day during  Ramadan for online & blended students,  the following time schedule  comes into effect from Tuesday, 13th April 2021:-


KG I                     –        10:30 AM to   1:00 PM

KG II                   –          7:50 AM to 10:15 AM

Grade I to XII      –          7:50 AM to   1:00 PM

Ensure your child attends the classes regularly. Attendance is compulsory for promotion.

Morning pick up time for blended students using school transport will remain the same.

Blended own transport children after school pick-up time:

KG1           –            1:00PM

KGII           –          10:30AM

GRI to XII  –            1:00PM

School gate will be closed at exactly 2:00PM. Own Transport parents are requested to be on time in picking up their children.                 

Your co-operation is highly solicited and always appreciated.

Best Regards,