Real Learning in Virtual Environment By Siri Chandana Pallapu

A man before a century predicted that those computers which occupy a whole room will soon be a part of every activity in our lives. And eventually they termed him mad. And right after hundred years we understood that astrology can be true at times, be it his wise guess or blind prediction from the stones and stars. And by the pandemic’s grace, that man would have celebrated his best prediction of all, if he was still alive in 2020.

When paper was first invented, no one ever thought in those early years that it would be an essential part of education. Similarly, when computer was first invented no one imagined it would be so powerful that it can make all our imaginations a reality. 2020 would be one of the most remembered year for its ironic history, but its glory would stand out for promoting a new form of education, online learning.

Virtual environment has a whole new effect on humanity because it’s the children who are using it the most, right from their early years of life. Gen Alpha is blooming at a faster rate.

But the question is, how effective is learning online?

Well, our mind is adaptive and imaginative. When what we see in class is what we seen on the screen, how difficult is it for the brain to feel it real?

School is not only a place where we study our textbooks but learn loads of stuff from the activities and the experience. With advancement in technology, there is nothing not possible for us now. Everything we do in school can be done in home itself. All you need is a device with camera, microphone and communication facilities. With this nowadays we can even travel to museums so why not school?

Personally, I feel this is an opportunity for us to enhance our brains, keeping in mind all those children around the world the world who do not have this opportunity.

Learning is what we live for. Everything we do is a process in it. We dint stop learning, we just changed the way we do it. That man before a century actually was right.