Students are expected to wear their assigned uniforms on all the days. The uniforms must be neatly pressed at all times.
For Boys: – (Sunday to Tuesday)

1) Red Stripe Shirt –  Half sleeved, Red Shorts for KG1 and Kg2
2) Grey Stripe Shirt – Half sleeved, Grey full pants for boys of grade 1 to 10 belts and maroon tie.
3) Simple canvas Black Shoes and White Socks.
4) Excessive gel on hair to spike up in varied colours or sizes is not expected.
For girls: – (Sunday to Tuesday) 

1) red Stripe Shirt – Half sleeved, red skirt for KG1 and KG2
2) Grey Stripe shirt – Half sleeved, grey skirt and belt
3) Maroon tie for girls of grade 1 to 10
4) Black Shoes and White Socks
5) Long hair must be plaited on both sides
6) Socks must be knee length
Muslim students white scarf and white pants. (To wear beneath skirt) please acquire from the school store.
House Uniforms: – (Wednesday)
1) House colour T-Shirt with collar and school monogram
2) White pants for boys
3) White divider for girls
4) Maroon ribbons or hair bands for girls
5) White sport shoes
Sports Wear:- Thursday
1) T-shirt and track pants (for boys and girls)
2) White sports shoes
3) White socks
Winter Wear:-
Maroon sweaters with school monogram