This year my e-learning experience is something new and something different from before. Usually in school, e-learning consisted of us bringing our own devices and doing extra research, our school work being uploaded on our online learning gateway, online video lessons suggested by our teachers etc. But this one is a different one, we have our whole school completely online. Us students and teachers are now in a virtual classroom instead of our usual, live classrooms. We also have online morning assemblies.

I was excited when it was announced that we were going to have our schools online, excited for this new journey. Our school management and staff worked hard to make it easily accessible for the student body. My school uses Google Classroom and Google Meet, with each student having their own personalized school ids, to access the following applications for our classes.

Like every other thing, it had its pros and cons. If I am being honest I did get distracted and faced some difficulties in learning, since this was completely different from the live classroom; but thanks to our teachers who were always there for us. The teachers helped us understand the concepts better. In fact we have a special class every day known as ‘Query time’ where all our doubts, difficulties and problems regarding a subject are cleared.

In the end, I would once again say that this was something different and a completely new educational experience.