Student Alumni Association

“Success is not just about what you accomplish in your life. It’s about what you inspire other to do.” Our Alumni has been one of constant support to our school and their success stories motivate all our students. We have almost all of our ex-students placed in prestigious universities across the world. We are enlisting here just a few, those who are interested in letting us know of your success stories may write to us to  [email protected]

Leya Maria: Georgia, Tbilisi State University.

Sumith Sunil: American Uni Rak

Mariya: Yennapoya Medical College, Mangalore

Izzuddeen Sheik: MIT, Pune.

Hridya Nambiar: Amity Uni

Nabeel Ahmed- Bits Pilani Dubai

Harry Menacherry- Herriot Watt

Sonia Shivnani – RAK Medical College

Hamdan Iftikhar- RAK Medical College, RAK

Kimberly D’Souza- BITS Dubai

Sunidhi Thakur- Symbiosis Pune

Merlin Jasper- Medicine,  Tbilisi University Georgia.

Thomas Jaicob- Toronto, Canada.

Isha Sonar- Architecture in Pune