Teachers’ Day Celebration 2018-19

Report on Teacher’s Day Celebration 5th September-2018

We  celebrate Teachers’ day every year throughout the country on 5th September. Students express their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers on this day. This day is dedicated to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan – the second President of India. The great academic philosopher and one of the most well-known diplomats, scholar, president of India and above all a teacher. As a tribute to this great teacher, his birthday has been observed as teachers’ day.

A celebration conducted at our school by our students on 5th September-2018. The whole function was planned by Ms Reena . The program in charges for the day were Ms. Laxmi and Mr. Abhinav. We decided that, the responsibility of teaching is taken up by the students as an appreciation for their teachers.

The hosts for the day were Amit and Aastha. On behalf of management and teachers we would like to thank all the participants. We would like to thank Ann for the inspirational thought for the day, Fatima Ali and Ameiya Wankhede for the enlightening speech. The students of 3rd and 4th took active part in the programme by singing a song to portray their love for their teachers.

We also thank our students Merita and Vishnu for presenting their beautiful vocals and the students of the mime for their yet another beautiful presentation on the topic. Another song dedicated to teachers was sung by the students of grade 8 and 10. Many witty yet funny riddles were also asked. Post-ceremony, students were sent back to their respective classrooms and the student-teachers were sent in their allotted classes to deliver their lectures on given topics.